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Thomson Neoz3 12.5" PC Portable - Qualcomm 850 - 64 GB HDD - 4 GB RAM - Windows 10 - US English

Thomson Neoz3 12.5" PC Portable - Qualcomm 850 - 64 GB HDD - 4 GB RAM - Windows 10 - US English

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Always Connected: Mobile 4G/LTE Module connecting at anytime and anywhere. Outlook, Skype, Messenger, social networks are always at hand thanks to 4G/LTE. Open the laptop cover, and you are on the Internet - Always On, Always Connected, and make a fast and efficient work and entertainment experience anytime and any place. The Snapdragon 850 Ultrabook by Thomson integrates an X20 LTE modem, which can provide a peak download speed of up to 1.2 Gbps, and with 4GB RAM and 64 GB Memory, your set! It has global band and carrier aggregation capabilities and is fast even in crowded places. The Neo Z3 features a 25% increase in battery life, 30% faster graphics and processing speeds over the previous generation, and 4-5x longer time in connected standby vs. competing solutions. Ultra-Light: and mobile Neo Z3 with an all-metal frame is strong and durable. With a weight of just over 1 kg, it is convenient to take with you and does not take up much space and looks elegant.
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